Lunasha – Korea

Last year Luna interrupted her world travels (which she has been on for over 8 years) to take part in one of our treehouse construction workshops. This is her story of underground cultural movements, nature, tree people, magic, activism and ultimately finding her own path… Trees changed my life Look at the trees – their roots … Continue reading Lunasha – Korea

Sammy – Rwanda

Sammy, our soulful chum from Rwanda, wrote this beautiful (albeit slightly muddled) little testimonial for us. Sammy was with us for some time, and added to treehouse community unbounded quantities of love, spirit and creativity. It was pretty hard to pin Sammy down, in his way of thinking and way of working. Many times a day he would … Continue reading Sammy – Rwanda

Language of Love

“I had a dream of a day when people don’t divide over hate, religion, politics, money, power and race. Instead they collaborate with all the diversity that is around us. I understand the need to be the best at what you do, but that should not come at the cost of crushing others on your … Continue reading Language of Love